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1. All alarm registrations require you to enter an email address in the "new user" area of the website

2.  After you enter your email address, you will receive a password in your email.  use this password with your email address in the "returning user" login

3. If you have multiple properties, after you submit your first registration, you can click "register another alarm" and begin the process with your second or subsequent properties.  Use the same login user and password.

4.  Corporate Users:  if you are registering on a payment site, and require a check to be mailed, you can still register online.  Fill out the registraiton form, Click "SAVE" and email support (at) for a bypass.  Your account will be given a temporary 30 day expiration date in order to allow mailing of a check.  Please have the alarm address on the check!

Cities we support or have researched

Registration Info

False Alarm Info

 notes and/or known issues

Ann Arbor

 Ann Arbor requires an annual renewal before the end of each year. Ann Arbor residents can pay online during registration using Chase Payment Systems.  Click here to register  Ann Arbor charges $82 for every police false alarm.  

Collier County


Collier County requires alarm companies to register private and corporate alarm systems.  The registration is good for two years.  click here for the registration website if you are an Alarm Company.

  Support issue:  Please remember to check the database for an existing alarm before you click "register another alarm". There are enhancements being put in place to have you search for the account first before you register a new address.



The City of Lansing requires a one time registration by the Alarm Owner.  The registration fee is $25 and is good for the life of the address UNLESS YOU MOVE OR CHANGE ALARM COMPANIES.  If you move, you will need to register your alarm again. Click here to register

The city of Lansing requires a one time registration by the Alarm Owner.  The registration fee is $25 and is good for the life of the address.  If you move, you will need to register your alarm again.  Click here to register.


the entire ordinance can be viewed here. 

Support issue:  None at this time.







Oak Park


Oak Park Residents register annually in September.  Payment can be submitted with the registration using    Click here to register



Santa Monica

Santa Monica requires the Alarm Owner to register their own alarm system.  Click here for the registration website.  Once registered, The City of Santa Monica will invoice for the registration fee.  Non technical questions can be addressed by searching the city website at     Support Issue:  We are aware of the alarm company phone number issue and are diligently working to correct this. 

ST Johns

 St Johns County residents need to renew annually, on the anniversary of the first registration.   Payment can be made by PayPal during registration.  St. Johns Registration Site


 Support issue:  None at this time.



 Click here to register your alarm in the township of Waterford.  You will be invoiced for your registration if you have not registered in the past.