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ACARS Users:  Registering another alarm after search


ACARS Users: Registering another alarm after search

It seems the alarm companies are searching , not finding the account,  GOING BACK TO HOME PAGE, and trying to register another account.  If you go back to the home page, it negates the search requirement.

 The proper way to do this:

 From the home page ‘register another alarm’

  1. When the system displays the ‘you must search for the account first’ message, you then search for the account
  2. (this is where they are going wrong): AFTER the search is performed the ‘register another alarm’ RE-APPEARS in the results page -  THEY SHOULD NOT CLICK ‘HOME’ AT THIS POINT.  From the results of the search page, at the top of the page, the ‘register another alarm’ will be there.  They can then click this link and register another alarm.

To re-iterate, clicking the home page, or ‘going back to home’ refreshes the page and it then does not know you did a search.  You need to stay on the search page after you search and click ‘ register another alarm’

I will see if we can change the link to say ‘ Thank you for searching, you may now click here to register a new alarm’  or something like that.  That may help